Terms and conditions of massage and tattoo in Prague

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Terms and conditions of massage

Terms and conditions of massage services

Seller (service provider)

Evgeny Leontyev – Liola studio
Place of business: Senovážné nám. 978/23, 110 00 Prague 1
Phone: 773 025 588
ID: 06957102

Subject of sale

The subject of sale are massage services or other services (hereinafter referred to as services) according to the valid price list, placed on liola.cz. An integral part of the order is the acceptance of these terms and conditions and the acceptance of contraindication conditions under which the service cannot be performed. For services performed at the client's premises, the travel costs of the seller are part of the order, without the agreement of which the actual order for the service cannot be made.

Reservation of services

In order to provide the service to the customer, each customer must make an appointment (reservation) via the provider's reservation system, in person at the premises or by phone, SMS or email. By making a reservation, the Customer agrees to these Terms and Conditions. If the customer later withdraws his/her consent to the above, withdrawal of consent to the Terms and Conditions will result in cancellation of the reservation. The creation of a reservation is governed by the current settings in the reservation system. The customer will be informed of the confirmation of the reservation by SMS and/or email, which he/she indicated at the time of booking. A confirmed reservation is valid and binding.

All services are governed by the currently valid price list, published on liola.cz and at the place of operation.

Provision of services

1. The customer undertakes to arrive duly and on time for the booked appointment.

2. The customer agrees to be clean and showered before the service is provided. He/she will remove his/her shoes to a predetermined place, as well as his/her clothes later.

3. The customer will behave quietly and according to the rules of social behaviour in the premises and adjacent areas.

4. It is forbidden to consume one's own food and drinks in the premises. For hygiene reasons, it is also forbidden to bring animals or smoke in the premises.

5. An integral part of the order is the acceptance of these terms and conditions and the acceptance of contraindications under which the service cannot be performed.

6. The customer must not be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or intoxicants before and during the service.

7. The Customer agrees to comply with all instructions of the Operator or the operator of the establishment.

8. The Operator is entitled to verify the age of the Customer. Only persons over 15 years of age may enter the premises. For persons under 18 years of age, the service can only be provided when accompanied by a legal representative.

9. Before the service is provided, the customer is asked to remove his/her clothes, as instructed by the operator or attendant. For safety and hygiene reasons, the customer shall always remove his/her shoes, any sharp objects, watches, piercings, necklaces, all clothing made of leather, leatherette and denim, as well as any clothing containing a zipper or button.

10. The customer undertakes to pay for the service after the service has been provided, unless they have done so previously (for example, when making a booking) or when purchasing a gift voucher. The Operator accepts cash only.

11. When the services are performed at the client's premises, payment in cash to the seller before the actual commencement of the massage according to the order confirmation. If the client and the seller agree on the spot to increase the scope (duration, additional massage, etc.) of services, this increase in the scope of services will be paid in cash before the performance of this increase in services.

12. If the Client fails to appear at the place of service without excuse at the time and date of booking, the service shall be deemed to have been performed.

13. If the client makes it impossible to perform the service at the agreed date and time, e.g. by medical indisposition, unsuitable health condition (contraindication), absence, not allowing access to the premises of the service, refusal to perform the massage, etc., the massage shall be considered performed. The seller will stay in the vicinity of the place of massage (entrance of the house or building, entrance of the office, etc.) for a maximum of 15 minutes and will try to contact the client on the mobile or landline number provided in the client's contact card.

14. If the start of the service is delayed by more than 5 minutes, the client's service will be reduced by this delay time.

15. The operator does not guarantee the effect of the massage.

16. By making a reservation, i.e. order, the client (consumer) acknowledges these terms and conditions and accepts them in full.

Cancellation and customer rejection

1. Any customer may modify, change or cancel his/her reservation, provided that such change does not affect the price or the length (in minutes) of the service, no later than 24 hours before the scheduled reservation. Failure to meet the deadline will result in forfeiture of the reservation without refund.

2. Customers who fail to arrive on time or at all for the booked appointment will be charged 100% of the price of the service they have booked. In the event that the customer has chosen to pay on the spot (at the premises) at the time of booking and the service has not been paid for, the customer will be issued an invoice requesting payment for the booked service.

3. The Operator reserves the right to refuse a customer who has breached these Terms and Conditions or is not eligible for the service.

4. If the Customer's reservation has been cancelled by the Operator, the Customer shall be informed of this fact by telephone or by SMS or by email. The Customer shall receive a refund of 100% of the price of the Service to his/her account.

Valid from 1.11.2022