Services and tattoo in Prague

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Artistic tattoo

The future owner of the tattoo must be identified with it, and it is necessary to carefully choose the motive so that he does not regret his decision later.

Classical massage in Prague

Classical massage is one of the manual relaxation techniques that have an immediate and one-time effect on the physical and mental state of a person.

Breuss massage in Prague

Breuss massage (or intervertebral disc massage) is a method that involves intensive rubbing of massage oil along the entire length of the spine, with emphasis on the affected areas.

Dorn method

When applying the Dorn Method, we address the entire muscle chains, influence the relative position of the bones in the joints and are able to correct misaligned vertebrae.

Flask massage in Prague

Cupping or massage with cups is a suitable complementary method of classical massage. It has been known for its healing effects for more than five thousand years.