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Classical massage in Prague

Classical massage is one of the manual relaxation techniques that have an immediate and one-time effect on the physical and mental state of a person. It removes fatigue, stiffness, flaccidity, shortening and soreness of muscles. The massage is performed with harder and more hearty strokes, which releases fatigue substances in the muscles - lactic acid, relieves skin tension, blood circulation in the skin and muscles, in the absorption of sprains and swelling. So it removes pain and improves nutrition of tissues.

Classical massage calms life during the rush of work, and is suitable for all musculoskeletal disorders, post-traumatic conditions and convalescence. It is recommended for muscle fatigue and for conditions after physical exhaustion. Various massage agents (emulsions, natural aromatic oils) facilitate the application of individual massage strokes.

You will always have the opportunity to express your wishes and requirements, and I will advise you how the overall massage will look like.

Effects of massage

Contraindications to massage

We divide into total and partial. In case of health problems, it is necessary to seek a doctor and postpone the massage. If you are unsure about the suitability of the massage, consult your doctor beforehand. In case of general contraindications, massage is not recommended.

Total contraindication. It is necessary to inform the masseur about the following conditions and diseases:

Partial contraindication (massage can be performed, but with restrictions) in cases of:


Back + neck 60 min - 990 CZK

Lower limbs 60 min - 990 CZK

Whole body 120 min - 1900 CZK

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