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Artistic tattoo

Tattooing has a long tradition around the world, the word "tattoo" comes from the Tahitian word "tatua" which means "to leave a mark, to signify or to remember". Nowadays, tattoos are very fashionable. Always for its owner tattoo has some meaning and you can with its help, above all, express the strength of your personality. Removing tattoos is very complicated, and therefore the future owner of the tattoo must be identified with it and it is necessary to carefully choose the motif so that he does not regret his decision later.

I have an individual approach to each client, you can bring your own motif, which we can enlarge, reduce, modify differently, or you can choose from catalogues of many ready-made motifs, which I could also modify according to your wishes. Or create something completely new for you.

The tattooing is done with a tattoo machine with the application of pigment approved for the EU. The tattooing is done under strict hygienic conditions. Needles, gloves are used disposable, other grips and tips are first disinfected in a disinfectant solution.

The application of the tattoo is done first by carefully selecting the motif, then the contours of the tattoo are traced on the decal paper. The image is imprinted on the shaved and disinfected skin and if the customer agrees to the placement, the tattooing can begin. The tattoo outlines are first tattooed, then colored and shaded. Once completed, the tattooist disinfects the tattoo and immediately applies a healing patch to clean, dry skin.

The healing time is individual, taking about a week. During this time it is essential to keep the application site clean, not to expose yourself to sunlight or solar radiation, avoid saunas, swimming pools.


New black tattoo size 5 × 5 cm (own motif or from our catalogue) - 1490 CZK

New black tattoo size 10 × 10 cm (own motif or from our catalogue) - 1999 CZK

Professionally photographed tattoo after healing - FREE


Creation of a new motif:

Non-refundable deposit 1000 CZK

The final price of the motif depends on the complexity and production time.

Black tattoos:

First hour 1500 CZK

Second and subsequent hours 1500 CZK

Colour tattoos:

First hour 2000 CZK

Second and subsequent hours 2000 CZK

If it is necessary to order special shades for your tattoo, I will add their value to the price.